Tiki Mugs
Handcrafted in OAKLAND CA

This is a history compiled for collectors. As a fellow collector, I've always appreciated details about production numbers and variations. It's for the obsessives, the restless hunter gatherers of the tiki revival.

All tiki mugs are made in small batches in the small Kaimuki Kove Studio in Oakland, CA. These designs are available on a limited basis. 

Let's start at the beginning...

This is the first design I ever attempted. It is based on the carvings and mug design of Andres Bumatay. The original sculpt was first presented to members of Tiki Central for comments and suggestions. The response was positive and so production was set into motion.

Kapulapu – Vintage Lime Edition

This was the very first regular glazed edition. It is marked 2007 on the bottom, even though it wasn’t released until 2008. It was limited to only 10.

Two Year Anniversary Edition

Martin Cate, original co-owner of Forbidden Island, surprised me over a mai tai by asking if I could make the mug for the FI 2 Year Anniversary. I was honored and immediately stressed about the prospect of churning these out in time for the date.
I made about 30 of these in the first batch and almost all of them were trashed due to bad firings at the place I would take my stuff to(this was before we had an in house kiln). About 3 survived(with tan glaze interior) and were sold as APs for the actual FI anniversary celebration. I took down names for a waiting list and a couple months later I released 24 of the 26 made. Each one has a unique handcrafted tongue and a handcut “F I  2” on the back of the mug.
There were also two AP's from this batch that were given as gifts to Martin and Michael of Forbidden Island.

The mug came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Falin Minoru and Martin Cate(now owner of Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco).

Kapulapu- Creepy Coconut Edition

These were done in the same satin black glaze as the FI edition, but without the tongue and no “FI 2”. It has a creamy coconut white interior. This was limited to only 10.

Kapulapu- Artist’s Proofs

There have been various artists proofs released, many one of a kind. Some of the earliest APs were “Honokaa Sky”, “Deadly Deep” , "Rusty Anchor", and “Honokaa Lizard”- all of them one of one. The one on the right is a simple glossy white. The one on the left is one of the very first mugs I ever fired. It is a flat peanut style glaze.
The total number for all the different APs is probably around 10-15 at most.

Kapulapu- Bumatay Vintage Edition

Hand carved woodgrain details on the face of the mug. This mug was limited to 10. It was the last official edition in the Kapulapu design. These have an added “2009” on the bottom. A few other, smaller editions of 1-3 may become available in different glazes.

Kapulapu mold has been retired.

PALEMBEI - Retired

 Regular Edition
This design is based on the art found along the Sepik River of Papua New Guinea. It has a bird beak that curls under the chin.
The regular edition will come in various colors. It is numbered and will be limited to less than 50 mugs. It is now retired.

 Shattered Volcano Edition

This was only one of one. Sold to a fine collector.

Palembei- Dead Lava Edition

Bumpy, matte black exterior with bright green interior. There are only two of these, one of which remains in our collection.

This was done as a gift for my friend, and talented mugmaker, Cass McClure aka Ocea Otica (buy his mugs). There are plans for a few future releases similar to this style.

MooKu - Retired

The MooKu mug design has been retired. There are less than 50 out in the world.

                                           SKOAI - Retired

This mug holds a whopping 40 ounces of your favorite tropical libation or even your 40 oz. of Old English 800!
Each mug will have slight variations and glazes. Total production was limited to only around 50 mugs. 

The gruesome "Dig Up the Bones" 1 of 1 edition, part of the Excavation Series.

 Early versions have "Tiki Kaimuki" carved into the side and also on the bottom. Later versions do not have the writing on the side and the bottom has raised lettering instead of carved. The last 6 or so mugs have "LAST" in raised lettering on the bottom to commemorate the retiring of this design.
There are various special 1 of 1 custom editions out in collectors' hands.

The Skoai mug has been retired.




A stylized moai mug named after the late great singer of the Dead Boys, Stiv Bators.

This will be done in various glazes and will be limited to around 50-60.

"Pretty in Pink" edition 1 of 1. This was donated to the MariePalooza Benefit Auction.

This is the little brother of the MooKu mug. The design is based on a Papua New Guinea mask. This mug will be limited to only 30-40 .

Mr. Macapuno

Coconut Skull Mug

This is the Smugglers Cove Edition. This edition of Mr. Macapuno features a driftwood style piece of wood on the back.  It was released at a special event at Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco. Only 26 were made, we kept two for ourselves and one went to Cove owner, Martin Cate. Most of the buyers at the event had the mug and special recipe card signed. This mug also came housed in a hand spray painted box.

Lil Lolo
This is the first shot glass released by Tiki Kaimuki Ceramics. The very first artist's proofs have flat teeth. The later design, as shown above, have protruding teeth. This is now retired. About 20 were made.

Handmade Skull-One of a kind

SmugCo Skull Mug - Retired

This skull design was made especially for the world famous
Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco.
Made in an edition of less than 50 with dark brown wood glaze and blue sheen. The back features
a gold coin stamped with the bar's logo.
There are also a handful of variously colored artist's proofs.
This mug is RETIRED.


A giant, fine boozing vessel, influenced by Bigfoot
and the ancient Moai found on Easter Island.
These will be made in various glazes in an
edition of 50 or less.


This mug is about the size of a juicy honeydew.
Painstakingly made with a 14 piece mold,
it depicts the classic cannibal trio being 
consumed by a larger cannibal.
It will be limited to 100 or less.

No Name

This was partly inspired by Miyazaki's character from
the movie Spirited Away. They all have variations
with the face design and come in different colors.
This will be limited to 100 or less.


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