Tiki Mugs
Handcrafted in OAKLAND CA
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy these things?
We FINALLY have shopping cart, so no need to email me to ask about buying something, we're all fancy like that. The best way to get notified about a new batch hitting the site is to sign up for the email list. See further down the page.

Why are your mugs so damn expensive? Why aren't they $10?
All of these mugs are small batch and crafted in a tiny studio in Oakland, CA USA. Most of the mugs you see in the $7-$30 are made in another country in mass quantities.
Tiki Kaimuki fine boozing vessels typically require 3-8 different hand applied glazes. This ensures that each piece is unique, but also means more cost in materials and hours spent on each mug.
When you buy a Tiki Kaimuki piece, you are getting a limited edition usable sculpture. Instead of the design being reproduced by the thousands, each design is typically limited to 50 or less. Then the mold is destroyed, never to be made again. You will have a rare and unique item.

How can I find out when you will put new mugs on the site?
Making these mugs is very time intensive, so everything is released in small batches. Many times this results in mugs selling soon after they are put up on the website, sometimes in seconds(you know who you are).
To get notified of the exact date and time new mugs will hit the site, you can sign up for the Kaimuki Klub mailing list using the link below. We will NEVER sell or reveal ANY of your information to any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or birthday parties. Privacy is important to us and we assume it is important to you.

Click here to sign up for the Kaimuki Club mailing list.

I have more questions. Why haven't you answered them here?
Good question. Write tikikaimuki@yahoo.com for answers to anything else not covered.


Send in a photo of yourself enjoying a drink out of a Tiki Kaimuki Mug and we will post it on the site. Your name will only be added upon request.                   

                                               GC enjoying a Dark and Stormy out of a STIV                                                                                                                   JC at Tiki Oasis 10                                                                           

"Texas Timebomb" holding Mr. Macapuno  Photo by Tom Cat Photography
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